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Matthias Schulze

Some Observations about the Cyber Conflict between Israel and Hamas

As in Ukraine, the current war in the Middle East is once again being accompanied by a digital conflict. After two months of war, it is now possible to draw some preliminary conclusions about cyber capabilities in the context of conventional ground wars. Including other conflicts such as in Ukraine 2022, Georgia 2008 or Kosovo 1998, an interesting continuity of the nature of digital conflict becomes apparent.

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Jantje Silomon

ChatGPT, Bing Search, Bard & Friends - Part III

While most have enjoyed playing around with the various “AI powered” toys (myself included!), there have also been a few headlines addressing the potential darker side of such systems, and not just them ‘going Terminator’ on users at times. But should we really be worried? Well, yes, no, maybe - and no, I’m not just trying to be annoying. There are different debates that need to take place, not least on risks TO the system vs those caused BY the system...

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Jantje Silomon

ChatGPT, Bing Search, Bard & Friends - Part II


As mentioned in the last post, the ‘GPT’ part in ChatGPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer” – just one example of a transformer model in a family of many dozens. Two graphics by Xavier Amatriain illustrate the model boom and interrelationship nicely.

Jantje Silomon

ChatGPT, Bing Search, Bard & Friends - Part I


Last November, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, a chatbot built on top of the GPT-3 Large Language Model (LLM) family. Its humanesque responses quickly garnered attention, from interviews and being hailed as "amazing, creative, and totally wrong" to calling it "dumber than you think". It did not take long for people to try find and fix bugs with ChatGPT… or to create polymorphic malware.



Shaping Cybersecurity 2024: China's Cyber Challenge

China’s strive for global leadership in cyberspace and related technologies poses a unique challenge to the international rules-based order. China’s vision of a global internet shaped by the interests of its one-party state directly challenges the fundamental values of openness, security and interoperability underpinning today’s global digital ecosystem. Additionally, extensive cyber operations increase the urgency of targeted countries to bolster their cyber defences and resilience, especially in the light of globally heightened geopolitical tensions.

IFSH, AA and ESMT are organising the conference on 17th June 2024.


Shaping Cybersecurity 2023: Cyber in Conflict

Cyberattacks and information operations accompanying the Russian invasion of Ukraine have underlined the disruptive potential of digital technologies well beyond the immediate conflict zone. Already prior to the war, criminal cyberattacks against critical infrastructure have become major national security threats, heightening geopolitical tensions due to tacit or even active state support.
IFSH, AA and ESMT organised a workshop with more than 200 participants.

Shaping Cybersecurity 2023

Workshop on Government Vulnerabilities Disclosure

ICS conducted a workshop in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office on the cyber security aspect of the German National Security Strategy as part of the dialogue processes.
The hybrid event centred on four thematic blocks: security trends and constellations; tasks, goals, and instruments; civil society and business partnerships; as well as regional and international cooperation.


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