International Cybersecurity Research Made in Hamburg

About the ICS Research Focus

IFSH’s research focus “International Cybersecurity” is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and aims to identify viable strategies for German and European foreign policy to foster peace and security in cyberspace. It focusses on the strengthening of multilateral instruments and partnerships with an eye on both technological and political developments. Research expertise on these critical issues is integrated and developed through collaboration with institutions and experts in different subfields. The ICS team contributes to decision-making and policy debates in an increasingly volatile and complex environment by publishing reports and commentaries, interacting with decision-makers, and reaching out to the media.

We focus on:

  • Security-political "global governance" in cyberspace

  • Analysis and knowledge transfer of new technological and political trends

  • Networking with academia and industry

About the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg

IFSH researches the conditions for peace and security in Germany, Europe and beyond. We examine challenges to the constitution and maintenance of peace, study the causes of crises and escalatory dynamics, and analyse foreign- and security policy processes at the national and international level. We conduct our research autonomously and independently. Established by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, we work closely with the University of Hamburg, institutions within the Hamburg metropolitan area, as well as academic institutions in Germany and abroad.


The Vietnam War, student protests and, above all else, the armament dynamics of the Cold War: three examples of internal and foreign policy upon which the first German peace research institutions were built. In 1968, sixteen researchers founded the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung“ (AFK), a working group on peace and conflict studies. The scientific approach to the topics of war and peace was intended to add more objectivity to the political debates and offer solid, practical solutions. In the following years, peace research gained momentum as an independent academic discipline, leading to the foundation of several  institutes, including the IFSH in 1971.

The first director Wolf Graf von Baudissin led the institute until 1984, passing its leadership on to the renowned détente politician and former German federal minister Egon Bahr for a further ten years. Since 1994 several directors have headed the IFSH, Dieter S. Lutz (1994-2003), Reinhard Mutz (acting director 2003-2006), Michael Brzoska (2006-2016), as well as Wolfgang Zellner and Götz Neuneck (acting directors 2016-2017). In October 2017, Ursula Schröder became the new director.

International Cyber Security

Research Made in Hamburg

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