International Cybersecurity Research Made in Hamburg

Our Team

Dr. Matthias Schulze

Senior Researcher

Dr. Matthias Schulze is the head of the research focus "International Cybersecurity" at the IFSH. Before he joined IFSH in October 2023, he was the deputy head of the Security Research Group at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), as well as the Principal Investigator in the European Repository of Cyber Incidents project.

He completed research stays at the Canadian Citizen Lab and researched and taught at the Chair of International Relations at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, where he obtained his PhD in Political Science. In addition, he is the host of the podcast on his main topics: cyber conflicts, cyber espionage, and disinformation.

Dr. Jantje Silomon

Senior Researcher

Jantje Silomon joined IFSH as a researcher in April 2019 and became part of the International Cybersecurity team in January 2021. Previously, Jantje was based at the University of Oxford, where she conducted her doctoral research on the topic of malware weaponisation.

She completed her BSc in Computer Science at King's College London, before spending some time in South East Asia, predominantly China. Upon returning to the United Kingdom, she worked in academia and industry, while also gaining an MRes in International Security and Global Governance.

Lena Pollmann

Project Coordinator

Lena Pollmann studied political science and peace and conflict studies in Würzburg and Magdeburg. She is the ICS project coordinator since January 2021. From July 2017 until October 2020, she was a researcher at the Helmut-Schmidt-University in Hamburg, focusing on African security governance and norms linked to military missions in Africa. Before returning to an academic career, she worked in humanitarian aid in South Sudan and Iraq.

Isabella Stürzer

Research Assistant

Isabelle Stürzer joined the team as a research assistant in September 2023.

Previous Team Members:

Mischa Hansel
Senior Researcher

Kathrin Moog
Research Assistant

Fabiola Schwarz
Research Assistant

Emilia Neuber
Research Assistant